• Consulting on All Aspects of Small Business
  • Startup Consulting from a  Experienced Bootstrapper
  • Quality Engineering & Control (See Manufacturer Services)
  • Education on Selling Stock To Angel Investors*
  • Education on Selling Stock To Raise Capital*
  • Managing Stock Holder Data & Stock Certificate Issuance*
  • Shareholder Services*
  • Technical Writing
  • Setting Up a Chart Of Accounts
  • Setting Up Accounting System
  • Installation & Training on DayLite CRM System
  • Aestiva HTML/OS Server Installation
  • Aestiva HTML/OS Database Programming
  • Aestival HTML/OS Dynamic Web Sites
  • Your Forms To Database
  • Fixing CGI Forms That Are Spammed
  • Creating Interactive Web Sites
  • Creating Mobile Responsive Web Sites
  • Data Management & Analysis
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Branding (Letterhead, Envelopes, Business Cards, Web Sites)
  • eCommerce Setup
  • Online Purchase Forms
  • PayPal eCommerce & Invoicing

Ed Palmer is experienced in all aspects of small business.  He is an expert on Startups and a Bootstrapper that can keep a business going on few resources. Want to build something big? Then, get the business foundation right!

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Disclaimer *None of the services provided by Ed Palmer shall be deemed anything other than educational services. In no case, shall they be deemed "legal advice" or in any way deemed a replacement for the assistance of a qualified professional for legal, accounting or tax advice.

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