Services For Manufacturers

Because of Ed's extensive manufacturing and quality engineering backgrounds, the following services are available to manufacturers who cannot afford a QC or QA staff.

  1. TQM/TQC - Total Quality Control
  2. SPC - Statistical Process Control
  3. Manufacturing Processes
  4. Quality Control Processes
  5. Process Flow Analysis
  6. Data Analysis
  7. Design For Assembly
  8. Process Audits
  9. Plant Audits
  10. Assembly Instructions
  11. Quality Instructions
  12. Technical Manuals
  13. Technical Writing
  14. Web Centric Data Collection

Ed's Resume Includes

• 40 Yrs Mfr Experience
• Director Of Quality
• Quality Assurance Manager
• Quality Control Manager
• Senior Quality Engineer
• Failure Analysis Engineer

Ed's last QA job was "Director of Quality" for a $70 Million Division of a computer hard drive head manufacturer.  In one change alone, he saved the company over $2 Million annually in scrap costs. Ask him how he did it.

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