1. How to use Computers
  2. How to use Smart Phones
  3. How to use Tablets
  4. How to use the Internet
  5. How to use Facebook
  6. How to use Pinterest
  7. How to text Grandchildren
  8. How to use a Computer Email Client
  9. How to use Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook
  10. How to use Web Browsers
  11. Microsoft Office Programs
  12. OpenOffice Programs
  13. DayLite CRM Program

Regardless of your device or software, Ed Palmer can provide the training you need to be successful with the device or software you decided to purchase.  However, before calling Ed, you should visit YouTube and decide whether the training on YouTube will suffice to fit your needs. The above are just samples of what training is available. IF you don't see what you need, contact Ed to determine whether he can help you, your parents, or your grandparents. Ed uses over 200 different software applications on PCs and MACs and has six different computers, four smart phones, a laptop and a tablet. In addition, he helps many other people with diverse computer and electronic equipment.

Services For Seniors

Training for Seniors, other individuals or group training is available!

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