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Ed Palmer's extensive technology and business experience began by serving 7 1/2 years in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War. In the Navy, he worked on Tartar and Terrier Missile systems aboard two Guided Missile Destroyers and one Guided Missile Frigate. During his Naval career, Ed spent over 2 1/2 years in advanced electronic training that included the Mk118 Missile Computer and the AN/SPS-39 & SPS-39A three dimensional Search Radars. When he got out of the Navy, it was fifteen years later until he was challenged by new consumer computer and electronic technologies. 

Upon leaving the Navy, Ed has been involved in various business adventures as a entrepreneur.  He holds three U.S. Patents and three foreign patents on energy technology he invented.  His business adventures includes SolarAttic where a web presence still exists at www.solarattic.com.  To build an alternative energy technology, Ed sold Common Stock to raise funds and registered stock offerings with 15 States and the SEC twice.  Ed is familiar with virtually every aspect of small business and is well equipped to consult with all small businesses on their growth and technology needs. He is considered a bootstrapper and an entrepreneurial startup expert.

Part of Ed's professional career included stints as a Director of Quality for a $70 Million hard drive head manufacturer in California. It also included jobs as Quality Assurance Manager, Quality Control Manager, and Senior Quality Engineer in the manufacturer of computer hard drives.  In total, including his own manufacturing, Ed has over 40 years of technology and manufacturing experience working in high technology areas and with products having mechanical specs down to the micro inch level.  Recently, Ed achieved ETL certification on his third generation attic pool heater design.  In 2016, Ed passed the baton on the energy technology to a small manufacturer located in Appleton MN.

Ed is a creative writer and web developer having written and published six books. He has created over 27 web sites and twenty matching mobile web sites. In the process, Ed has published thousands of web pages on the Internet and used various interactive web technologies.  Recently, Ed published an Alumni site for Minneapolis Vocational High School that uses a web centric database technology called Aestiva HTML/OS. 

In the year 2000, Ed was ordained and is the president of Apostle Ministry, Inc. This is his own ministry for distributing his Christian writings.  Ed owns and maintains web servers and web development technologies.  ICNewswire is a division of Ed's ministry designed to offer his eCommerce Web Site Design and Tech Support Services to others as his time permits on a flat rate, hourly or contract basis.  He offers free estimates on all service/job requests.

In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul made tents to support his ministry work. Ed offers eCommerce Web Site Design & Tech Support Services as defined on this web site to support his Christian ministry's outreach endeavors.

From 2000-2003, Ed served as the President of the Minnesota Entrepreneurs, Inc (MEI).  Prior to serving as its president, Ed served on the board of MEI for over 5 years and created its first web site. In total, Ed was a member of MEI for over 14 years in Minnesota.

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Ed Palmer says: "I am offering my eCommerce Web Site Design and Tech Support Services on a flat rate, hourly or contract basis. However, I have only so much time available.  If you engage my designs services, you will be dealing with only myself. These are services that I personally perform for you as my time allows."

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