eCommerce &
Craft Business Websites

Flat Rate Design Services

  • Plan A - Primary www website for computers only $750
  • Plan B - Primary www website with Mobile Friendly supporting website $1250
  • Plan C - Primary www website for E-Commerce and supporting Mobile site $1500
  • Plan D - Responsive Designed website $3000
  • Optional D1 - E-Commerce for Responsive Design - Additional $750
  • Domain Registration & Support $30/Year (5-Year Minimum)
  • Monthly Web Hosting Service for Plans A-C is $20/Month
  • Monthly Web Hosting Service for Plan D is $30/Month

Craft Business Website Agreement (PDF)

Hourly Rate

  • $60.00 Per Hour


eCommerce & Craft Business Web Sites Services are charged by Flat Rate as indicated above.  This means that regardless of the time it takes Ed Palmer, the price for creating your web site will not change. 

eCommerce & Craft Business Websites shown above are subject to the Craft Business Website Agreement, which explains all of the issues surrounding website development.  See the Website Agreement for further details.

Invoices for all work are sent from PayPal and managed from the ministry's PayPal account of virtualapostle@gmail.com.  PayPal invoices are generally paid directly online at PayPal.  All major credit cards and eChecks are accepted at PayPal and a PayPal account is not required to pay invoices.

All legal disputes shall be governed by Minnesota Law and resolved in Hennepin County by arbitration only if a dispute cannot be resolved without litigation.

There are no other terms and conditions of sales unless placed in writing and signed by both parties prior to the rendering of services.

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