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Senior Computer Support
& Technical Services

Senior Computer Support & I.T. Services are available from Ed Palmer in the Plymouth MN and Maple Grove MN and surrounding areas. If you have a parent, grandparent or a friend who is struggling to understand how to operate their computer, Smart TV, Smart Phone, iPad or today's "connected" entertainment system, technical help is available. A customized instruction guide book can be created to help them get their electronic systems producing results for them. Click the video below to view what a customized how-to instruction guide designed for one woman looks like. She said: "It was a perfect gift for me. I rate it a 10!"

Senior Services

Electronic Entertainment Systems

  • Installation
  • System Troubleshooting
  • Smart TV Setup


  • Mac, PC & Server Installation & Setup
  • Viruses, Malware & Data Recovery
  • Instruction in Office Software
  • Software Instruction (Other)
  • Password Mnemonic Strategy
  • Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • Computer Software Installation & Testing

Computer Networks (LAN)

  • IT Services
  • VOIP - Internet Phones
  • File Conversion
  • Secure Wired Ethernet
  • WiFi Router Setup
  • Mobile WiFi Setup

Video Documentation

  • Household Effects
  • Inventories
  • Libraries
  • Etc

Full List of Services is at www.icnewswire.net

Personal Instruction Guides

The Perfect "10" Gift!

Click picture to see a Custom
Personalized "How-To" Guide


A personalized instruction guide made this woman's complex "connected" TV and entertainment system easy to use. Do you know someone who could use a personal instruction guide for their own complicated entertainment system? Dad? Mom? Grandpa? Grandma?

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